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22 February, 2012

When something is beyond your reach...

While sipping my first cup of coffe today,.. A few things keeps bugging my mind.. 

I am one of those who thinks that all human shall be treated equally,.. That we as humans must try to wear other people shoes so we know how it feels.. Not to get the same bittersweet but more into giving empathy to others..

I trust an old saying that to please ourselves, we must pleased other people.. I believe in balance, harmony.. And i always believe that everything comes in pairs.. When we try to do good things.. There will be others who will instantly be the opponent .. Those people are whom I pity..

I believe the spirit of sharing and giving will add more value in our circle of life. i also believe that life is always full of suprises, which are some predictable and unpredictable.

When i use my common sense, and questioning something, a direct yet suprising feedback tickled my mind... I was juggling with pile of clothing, sorting things out, while a light underestimating statement came unexpectedly, questioning why i should bother to send those stuff... Why should i take more of my time, while there are a lot of simpler way to send helps..

Well, those keep bugging my mind, and suddenly i realize.. I shouldn't take into my account whatever other people think.. So, dont give a single damn about it.. Cause, everyone is responsible for what they do.. And the willingness to share what we have to those who suffers, is what takes into account..

So, it wont matters to me.. since.. I just do what other people should do.. as im not an angel.. Nor a devil.. As listening to those rubbish is even worst than being a devil myself.. 

*written on my way to the office, dedicated to those who keep saying rubbish without realizing it.. all my prayes go with you.. Hopefully you wont get same suffering like others..

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