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21 February, 2012

Lembayung Senja

By Nadia Paritrana  
When the sky turns vanilla
When its time to do barefoot walking

Its when a slight of my pandora open
A slight that caused a hiccup
A hiccup that makes you turn around and see
then ask..

If I can turn back the time?
Will the impossible become possible?
Will we catch the moment until the end?
Will you stand by me until its time for us to meet again?

I stunned and answer those questinos lightly..

My dear...

There are atlantis in ourselves whom prefer not to be found or known
It was when we are both alone and remember what kept us separated..

If there was 'us'... Dont you think it will last?

- dari puncak rinjani sampai dalamnya palung sulawesi.. all my prayers go with you-

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