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31 January, 2012


Pengen banget sharing tulisan di grup ini, tapi takut garing (kerupuk kali:))
for the first step, boleh ya aku sharing my travel log to Kuala Lumpur. Siapa tau bermanfaat. Mohon maaf kalau ada yang harus buka kamus tuk cari artinya:)))


July 3rd
It was 6 o’clock in the morning when we drove to Raden Inten Airport headed to Jakarta by Sriwijaya Air for the flight leaving for Soekarno Hatta airport at 8.30 am and arrived at 9 am. We needed to wait for another fantastic 5 hours for Air Asia flight at 2.30 pm. Around 5 pm, we landed in Malaysian Airport, Indonesia has an hour later time compared to Malaysia, if  it’s 5 pm there, in Indonesia is still 4pm. At 7.30 pm we straightforwardly had dinner at Malaysian restaurant nearby. It was a nice place to visit at night where there were many Malaysian students hanging out at the open air enjoying their time with friends, they are mostly Indian anyway, and the food, especially the clam chowder, please don’t ask, yummy…We checked in the Kuala Lumpur International Hotel  at 10pm. Time to rest..

 July 4th
 On the second day, after having marvelous breakfast in hotel, the agenda was to Cave Stone,   limestone hill as central hindu’s temple in Malaysia also recognized as mini Indian village. The layers of the hill were formed 400 hundred years ago with 272 steps to reach the cave and the world’s highest Muruga statue 130 feet. With great spirit Anas and Shiva stepped up the hill bravely..bravoo !! From there we visited watches shop and directly to Genting Highland,  2000 above sea level, known as Las Vegas of Malaysia with some facilities like resorts, hotel, casino, theme park etc. The kids looked so enthusiastic being there. They explored their spirit to play started from the common attraction to the most extreme ones like flying coaster, sky venture and many more. You can see many clowns perform nice attraction there.

Dzh shichuan, a Chinese restaurant, was the next stop for dinner. At 10pm we arrived in hotel and had a nice sleep. Some funny stories happened at about 2pm. The strong wind blew the hotel window so hard. Some people had different thought about it. Mama Anas held on her breath thinking that sound in the window was a ghost. Ibu Mala even did more amazing thing, she stepped down 13 stairs to the lobby coz she thought that was an earthquake!!

July 5th
The third day was the most wanted day for Mom, why? Coz it’s shopping day!!! But before that, first visit was to National Monument,  it’s more like Makam Pahlawan  in Bandar Lampung but they set the building nicely so the view looks so great.Then we went to Royal Kingdom,  the house of Yang Dipertuan  Agong, Malaysian King.  The guardians  are commanded to speak nothing, so you can’t even get a word from them. When Mama Shiva said thank you, they just nodded their head like a parrot. Lapangan Merdeka  which performs a great modern building keeps interesting historical  story inside. Berryls Chocolate kingdom is a great place to see diverse type of chocolate, pssstt, Mama Dhea bought two full boxes of chocolate!!.

Petronas Twin Towers was the next visit, it is the world highest twin tower for about 452m above sea level with facilities such as Suria KLCC shopping center, offices, sky bridge, etc. we took pictures there and went up to the sky bridge at the 41st and 42nd floor using a high speed lift. Lunch tasted so nice in Sutradara restaurant, it’s Padangnese food. Then the shopping time began. We went to Central Market and Sungei Wang to buy some souvenirs. The mothers seemed so crazy hunting all stuff there, (well it’s normal anyway, is it??+) It was 7 pm when we passed Bukit Bintang area, an exclusive shopping center in KL, but we didn’t have more energy to stop by. So we went directly to Sari Ratu restaurant for dinner. exhausting day..

6th July
 Early in the morning, we woke up and were ready to check out from the Kuala Lumpur International hotel. It was 10.30am to leave for the next destination, International zoo. 
Then we went to Putra Jaya, an administrative office of Malaysian government with dazzling view to see.Lunch was in Putri Bongsu restaurant. Finally, the bus headed to Malaysian Airport to go back to Bandar Lampung. A little ceremony like singing, dancing and berbalas pantun we did on the bus. We were all laughing, feeling so much happy to have such a nice trip and unforgettable moment there. Good bye Kuala Lumpur, see you another time with another travel log.....