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01 February, 2012

How should we do?

(kids prayer......:P)

Hey ladies,
Let's ARCHA BELLA try to post a story about my friend's daughter.I do apologize if there are some mistakes here and there.I do hope you don't mind correcting me for better writing next time.
This is my first post in this group in english, hope you don't mind me jumping right in with a long one. (I wish all of u can learn to understand 'bout this cases and help us to solve the problems).

Here is the story...

My closest friend came to my house and told me about her problems.
My friend's daughter is 19 months old and still not really talking.  She says "dis" and "dat" and/or points whenever she wants something, she'll even grab her parents hands or if they're sitting, push their shoulders so they're standing up and lead them to what she wants. 

She raises her arms when she wants to be picked up, and if her parent pretend not to know what she wants, she'll grab their hands and pull them down to her level, or try to climb up their legs.  She says "mum" and "da", but doesn't use them appropriately, but if her mother say "Where's Mommy?" or "Where's Daddy?" she'll point to the correct person, or to a picture if they're looking at photos.
She just started saying "Hay-o" into her toy phone, and a few times she'll say "Hi" and wave when someone comes in the house.  The only other thing she says is "Arf Arf" when she sees a dog (or picture) or if you ask "What does a doggy say?" (she does this a little with other animal sounds like "Moo" or "Meow", but not consistently).

She's obviously very smart because she knows where everything is.  If we say "Get your shoes", she'll get her own shoes and try to put them on (can get her toes in but not her heel). 
If you say "Get my shoes" or "Get Daddy's shoes", she'll get the appropriate pair and bring them to the right person.  She gets mad if we give her dinner foods for lunch, and she knows that "Mommy snacks" are apples or grapes and "Daddy snacks" are crackers or granola bars. If you promise her a walk after her nap, as soon as she wakes up she grabs her sneakers and heads for the door. 

A few weeks ago, I saw her  drew on the wall with crayon, and then everyday after that she would take a baby wipe and try to clean it off , girl!(Her parent teaching her ended up having to paint over it).  She'll point to pictures in books if we ask where something is, and she can do wooden puzzles.

She is very active: runs around all day, can climb onto the couch or recliner by herself, can kick and throw a ball, can drink from an open cup or bowl (she likes to drink the milk after  having cereal), can blow bubbles, can ride her rocking horse by herself.  And she has a great sense of humor and a definite personality.

When I was playing with her I have no worries - I know she's smart and obviously understands everything I say (even things I don't intend her to hear), but then I read that 19-month-olds should have a vocabulary of 10-50 words and my friend a.k.a her mommy get worried again.  At her last checkup, the doctor was a bit ambivalent - she didn't make it sound like it was a problem, but then suggested that we could call Early Intervention "if we wanted to".  So what do you think?  Should we just wait it out and hope she catches up?  Is this just a case of "everyone learns at their own rate"?

Please help and beautiful ladies in IIDN....:)
(Correct me if I am wrong)....

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